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Ashwangandharishta (SPL.) in neurological and psychological problems

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psychological disordersMany people are suffering from psychological disorders and in many cases; people can’t get rid of their problems if they try to treat by their own. I know this is a very difficult condition to deal with, but, through some natural and ayurvedic remedies, you can cure your health complications easily. Yes, you can and which remedy can help you in these types of diseases this is all about today’s article is. Through this article, you will learn the benefits of using Ayurvedic remedies along with the cure for neurological and psychological problems.

Okay, let me break the suspense the name of that remedy is Ashwangandharishta. Ashwangandharishta for neurological and psychological problems is the perfect remedy and how it cures the diseases that you can see below.

ashwagandharishtaAshwangandharishta is an Ayurvedic liquid based remedy which is used to cure general debility and variety of diseases. This remedy is also helpful in treating men’s health problems. Ashwangandharishta is also called Asvagandharishtam. Like many other ayurvedic remedies this is also contained 5-10 percent self-generated alcohol and water. Ashwangandharishta is a health tonic which helps to restore strength. Ashwangandharishta for neurological and psychological diseases is the most effective remedy but it generally treats Vata disorders.

Ashwangandharishta for neurological and psychological is the perfect cure because it has many medicinal properties. Ashwangandharishta has anti-inflammatory, immunomodulator, uterine tonic, and anti-depressant, anti-stress, anti-anxiety, antioxidant properties. It also works as a general tonic, adaptongenic and aphrodisiac. Apart from these, it can also be used as a heart tonic, energy booster, athlete or sports supplements, digestive stimulant, a mild sedative and mild analgesic. These are the properties of Ashwangandharishta which make Ashwangandharishta for neurological and psychological the best most effective remedy them all.

1. Postpartum depression Ashwangandharishta for neurological and psychological diseases is the best cure and this is the first point which shows that this is true. Ashwangandharishta is the sufficient remedy which can reduce the symptoms of postpartum. Ashwangandharishta helps to treat this condition by its action on nervous system.stress of work

2. Physical and mental weakness Ashwangandharishta for neurological and psychological is an ultimate remedy which you can take for yourself. This remedy can increase stamina and vitality. It can also prevent tiredness. It provides instinctual abilities of a person and provides clarity in thinking.

3. Depression- Depression is the feeling which you can’t elaborate anyone and there are almost 16 million people in the states of America who are suffering from this. Ashwangandharishta is highly recommended remedy for depression. It can reduce the symptoms of some diseases like a headache, lack of interest in daily activities and sleeplessness.

doshageThese are some diseases which can be cured with the help of Ashwangandharishta. Despite a fact that this is an ayurvedic remedy, it can cause side effects only if you use this in a wrong way or in an appropriate amount. It is said that 12-24ml, once or twice in a day, after food is the perfect dosage of Ashwangandharishta for neurological and psychological disorders. So, use Ashwangandharishta for neurological and psychological diseases and live healthily and diseases free life. You can buy this medicine very easily from Paramanand Ayurveda.

Vasarishta- the ayurvedic cure for bronchitis



Want to know a perfect cure for bronchitis? If yes, this is the right place for you. Today, we are going to tell you an effective ayurvedic medicine for bronchitis that will tackle the root causes of the problem and cure it for always. Well, before going to the treatment, let’s talk some important facts of bronchitis.

BronchitisBronchitis is actually a breathing disorder that causes a cough which often brings up mucus. It is an inflammation of the lining of our bronchial tubes which carry air to or from your lungs. It may be either acute or chronic. Symptoms of bronchitis include coughing up mucus, shortness of breath, wheezing and chest discomfort. A virus, bacterial and fungal infection, exposure to irritants such as smoke, dust and fumes can cause bronchitis. Well, you can get rid of this condition by staying healthy, avoiding germs and adopting a right treatment option.

Vasarishta for Bronchitis

ayurveda scienceAyurveda is the best treatment option that will tackle the root causes of the problem. Ayurveda consists a number of ayurvedic medicines that are made up of natural herbs which are completely safe and effective too. Ayurveda is a science of healing which has the ability to keep you healthy. For bronchitis, there is an effective ayurvedic medicine named as vasarishta. Vasarishta for bronchitis is one of the effective ayurvedic medicines that can give you relief from the pain as well as cure bronchitis from its roots.

VasaristVasarishta has contains a number of health benefits and medicinal uses. It is also called vasakadyarishtam, vasarishtam and vasasava. It helps in reducing the inflammation and swelling occurring anywhere in the body. It is used to treat bronchitis, astham, upper respiratory tract infections, chest congestion, cough and phthisis. The beneficial medicinal properties of Vasarishta help to treat bronchitis. Vasarishta has anti-inflammatory, expectorant, antitussive, anti-allergic, anti-bacterial, appetite stimulant, antiviral and antifungal properties that are really helpful in the treatment of bronchitis.

It treats the symptoms related to bronchitis and gives you relief from the pain. Here are some of the most common benefits of Vasarishta.

coughTreats a cough 

Vasarishta for bronchitis is the perfect solution as it is a natural mucolytic agent. The herbs present in this medicine breakdown and liquefy the mucus in the respiratory tract that can block the air passages and cause chest congestion and breathing difficulties. The mucolytic action of Vasarishta provides relief from the breathing problems caused due to the accumulation of a cough. It can be also used to treat the acute and chronic causes of a cough. It helps to open up the air passages by relaxing the muscles in the airways.  The antibacterial action of the Vasarishta helps to destroy the bacteria causing infections. It also reduces a normal cough and allows the person to sleep peacefully.


Vasarishta is also used to treat the common cold. It produces decongestant and anti-allergic actions which help to reduce the symptoms of common cold. It also helps to reduce the risk of the allergic rhinitis. The anti-inflammatory action of this medication helps to relieve the congestion in the nose and reduces swelling and mucus. It also strengthens the response of the immune system to the allergens. This action helps in preventing frequent attacks of cold.


Vasarishta is really effective in the treatment of fever caused by bacterial and viral infections. It improves the general health of the patients by providing relief from the symptoms that accompany fever such as loss of taste in the mouth, loss of appetite, tiredness, sleeplessness and restlessness. It works by producing the strong antipyretic and anti-inflammatory actions. It can be used to treat fever associated with bronchitis, influenza and tuberculosis.

Vasarishta.Vasarishta for bronchitis is a really effective medicine that cures it as well as the symptoms associated with it. It is a natural treatment option so, it will not give you any negative effects. Bronchitis is a really annoying situation that can affect your life badly. The best way to control and get rid of this problem is to start its treatment option as soon as possible. Vasarishta will surely give you good results and you will get rid of bronchitis fast. So, try this Ayurvedic medicine and keep yourself healthy always.


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