7 Home Remedies to Relieve Constipation

Constipation is a problem that is related to your bowel and in most of the cases people find it very hard to relinquish stools or feces out of their stomach. Almost every person across the world gets affected by constipation at least once in their lifetime. You might have went in the lavatory to relinquish stools but after sitting for hours you would not have been succeeded and you might also have experienced pain. Constipation is basically a condition that usually relates to your stomach and there could be many factors that trigger constipation which may include modern life style, intake of junk food, alcohol abuse, smoking and overeating. It is a condition where your colon starts absorbing excessive amount of water from undigested food resulting in hardness of the stools and you may often find it hard to expel it out of your stomach. Sometimes when your constipation gets severe, it may also cause some life threatening symptoms. Some of the common symptoms of constipation are hard or lumpy stools, strain during relinquishing stool passing fewer than three stools a week and feeling of full stomach even after expelling stools. These are some symptoms that you might have been facing throughout the day if you have constipation. It becomes imperative to treat constipation as soon as you can or further it will upset your stomach. Below some home remedies are given that will help you relive your constipation and soothe you from pain:

Take Adequate Amount of WaterTake Adequate Amount of Water for constipation

It can be one of the major causes of constipation. In order to be hydrated you should drink the adequate amount of water as water is one of the best natural fluid available on earth. Don’t try to take other fluids as those fluids cause constipation.

Avoid Junks

 Avoid Junk foods for constipationDo not try to have junk and fast foods as these foods considered as one of the main factors that stimulate constipation to occur. Try to avoid processed foods such as chips, fried foods and cold drinks in order to avoid constipation.

High fiber foodseat High fiber foods for constipation

You can have foods that are high in fiber. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services lists the following foods as some of the best sources of dietary fiber: “all beans, pulses or legumes, sweet potatoes, apples, pears, berries, prunes, avocado, chia and flax seeds, 100 percent unprocessed grains, broccoli, cooked greens and winter squash”.

Avoid alcohol

Avoid alcohol for constipationConsumption of alcohol could stimulate constipation therefore you should avoid alcohol in order to be safe from constipation. If you are addicted to alcohol, it will affect your future and present as well.

Green veggieseat Green veggies for constipation

Green veggies not only contain fiber but they are rich in magnesium as well, therefore you should try to have these foods as part of your daily diet. This will really help you with your constipation.


Coffee for constipationCoffee, It is a name that comes in your mind every morning before you got up off the bed. You may also be addicted to it but this addiction could be the medicine for constipation you would not have though so but there is a digestive stimulating agent in coffee named caffeine that could work like panacea for constipation.

Adopt Active Lifestyle

You can take shelter of active lifestyle that will help you get rid of constipation.

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