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If you don’t have anyone to tell or ask about your condition, this is the perfect place where you can find an answer to all your questions. This article is not only about herpes’s causes and facts but also a cure for this disease. Yes, I know that there are so many medicines available to cure herpes symptoms but using them can also cause side effects. To avoid side effects what you can use this is all about the article.

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Unknown Facts Of Herpes

herpes-on-lip-This is well-known fact that herpes is a viral condition which can pass very fast because this is the highly contagious disease. Herpes is a disease which is caused by a virus called herpes simplex. This is the same virus which causes oral herpes, genital herpes, chickenpox and ocular herpes. These diseases are caused by different types of viruses which belong to the same family.

Herpes is a very common health condition which affects both men and women. Anyone can get this virus but there are few situations by which these viruses enters into your body. See, it is a well-known thing- there are two types of herpes and that is genital and oral herpes. In oral herpes, you can get this infection if you use personal items of an infected person. This is the infection of the mouth, gum and lips. In this, you can get sores in and around your mouth. You may also feel difficulty in eating, swallowing and speaking.

types-of-herpes-1You can only get genital herpes by performing sexual activities with an infected person. This is the most annoying condition and also you can get blisters here too. That blisters can cause itching, pain and burning sensation. According to studies most of the people can’t recognize that they are carrying this virus and do you know why? Because of the symptoms, in some cases, the symptoms are so mild that they go unrecognized or mistaken for another condition. This is the main reason that people are passing this virus to others and increasing the list of herpes patients.

Red Marine Algae For Herpes

red_marine_circles_largeSince there are no medicines that can cure the outbreaks of herpes without causing side-effects, here I have an astonishing remedy that can cure herpes outbreaks very effectively. Do you want to know what that is? Well, the name of that ingredient is red marine algae. Red marine algae are abundant sea algae. There are almost 4000 species of it in the sea.

Specific types of red marine algae are known to have immune boosting properties and antiviral properties. This is one of the best treatment options for the herpes patients. This remedy has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicines. You can use this either internal or tropical. A Red marine alga is a popular treatment to cure and prevent herpes. By this, you can treat both genital and oral herpes.

It has antiviral properties which can suppress the herpes virus and prevent its outbreaks. In simple words, this property can help to stop spreading this virus to others. There is one more property of this remedy and that is immunity booster. It is said that when your immune system is strong, you are less likely to have herpes outbreaks. red marine algae are the best herpes treatment forever. Do you know why stress can trigger the outbreaks of herpes? Because stress can weaken your immune system!

Uses of Red  Marine Algae For Herpes

red amrine algaeRed algae are usually taken orally and for this, you can consume capsule to prevent the herpes outbreaks. It is said that a person can only take 1000mg per day. Because this is based on antidotes red algae can magically cure the symptoms of herpes. Although there is no cure for herpes you can use this to cure your symptoms which make more difficult for you to live. Now you must be thinking that I have said there are almost 4000 species of red marine algae then how you can recognize which is best and which is not.

To identify this you have to make sure that you getting Dumontiaceae, Gigartina or Dillwyn. These are some types of algae which can help you in this treatment. It is also possible that some products of red algae are sold without these types. So while buying you have to see that your supplement have this or not. This is the new herpes treatment so you can use this to cure herpes outbreaks without taking any tension.

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