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The 6 Best Cold Sore Remedies

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You might know that cold sores are caused by herpes simplex virus and that’s why it grabs too much attention. Cold sores may be embarrassing and painful. They appear around the mouth and on the lips in the form of blisters which are filled with pus. They can break open, crust over and last for around 7 to 10 days. Most people do not experience the symptoms of cold sore but some may deal with recurring breakouts. The initial breakouts can be worst which can appear as sore throat, aches and pain. The virus does not leave your body after it intrudes in your body as it simply remains in your nerve cells. There is no true cure available for the virus or cold sore but the good side is that there are some preventive measures available which can help you to control the symptoms of virus. Some natural products or home remedies can lessen the breakouts, severity and help to diminish the appearance of sores. Just because there is no cure exists for sores, this doesn’t mean you are helpless and stuck using irritating prescription face creams. Here we are going to share some effective home remedies which can give you relief from pain and discomfort of cold sores.

Effective Home Remedies for Herpes

Lemon balm 

use Lemon balm for cold soreLemon balm is a member of mint family which has the ability to reduce the healing time of the blisters and prevent future outbreaks. Lemon balm helps to reduce pain and appearance of cold sores. As an alternative, you can also use the lemon balm infusion (tea) which gives you the similar benefits. It will shorten the duration of healing time.

Ice use Ice for cold sore

Cold sores are extremely painful and difficult to handle. Ice is one of the best remedies to reduce the duration of breakouts and can ease the discomfort and inflammation of cold sores. Try to hold an ice cube on the affected part as long as possible and then put on a dab of petroleum jelly. The jelly will help to keep bacteria out from the cold sores and reduce the skin splitting sensation that sometimes happen when blisters or sores get too dry.

Aloe Vera 

use Aloe Vera for cold soreFor centuries aloe Vera has been used to cure skin problems. Aloe Vera gives quick relief from the pain of cold sores and helps to reduce itchiness and irritation. It also fights off from the bacteria that may irritate the sores more intensively. You need to extract some aloe Vera gel from aloe plant and apply directly to the affected parts. It will soothe your skin and prevent further breakouts of cold sore. Read more to know about the benefits of aloe vera for herpes cold sores.

Cornstarch paste Cornstarch paste for cold sore

Cornstarch has a silky texture which can soothe the cold sores. It will also give you relief from burning sensation of cold sores when directly applied. The major health benefit of cornstarch is that it maintains the pH level of the sores which makes it a best homemade remedy for cold sores. To shorten the duration of your cold sores, simply apply cornstarch paste on the affected area. You need to mix 1 tablespoon of cornstarch with a tablespoon of water and apply directly to the cold sores. Wash off the face in the morning and repeat this activity until you see better result.


drnik milk to reduce cold sorePutting a whole milk compress can help you to shorten the healing time and ease the pain of cold sore. Milk contains protein named immunoglobulin which is an antibody that fights off and prevent the viruses like herpes. Milk also contains l- lysine which may help to speed up the healing time and prevent outbreaks. You need to dab a cotton ball in one tablespoon of milk and apply it to the affected parts. You should also drink milk on regular basis to get the dose of l-lysine.

Vanilla use Vanilla for cold sore

A real, good, pure and fresh vanilla extract is a good home remedy for some people. Vanilla is alcohol based which makes it hard for viruses to thrive and lessens the length and severity of outbreaks. You need to dab a cotton ball in vanilla until it entirely saturated. Apply it directly to the sores and place for a minute or so. Do this four times in a day for effective result.

Home remedies work effectively on the cold sores and prevent further breakouts while medicines can give you serious side effects. Your diet and lifestyle can also prevent you from cold sores. We recommend you to eat a healthy diet and adopt a healthy lifestyle to stay healthy and less herpes outbreaks.

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