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Toothache Remedies: Get Relief from 5 Home Cures

Tooth ache can be defined as a pain that primarily forms in or around the teeth. There are numerous causes have been associated with the emergence of toothache and accumulation of cavities around the tooth is the common causes of toothache. The bacteria produce acid that can damage your teeth. But there are many reasons which can cause tooth ache such as cracked tooth, an abscess (an infection at the gum line) and sinus condition. When a person suffers from this type of unstraighten pain, all they want to get rid of it anyhow. There are various reasons which can cause toothache such as

  • causes of toothache Cavity
  • Tooth decay
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Infective gums
  • Solid tooth
  • A tight teeth braces
  • A damage filling
  • Repetitive emotions like crushing teeth and chewing gum

You should consult your doctor to get permanent cure for toothache but if you can’t consult your doctor immediately then you can use these homemade remedies which can gives you relieve from toothache.


use garlic for toothachesThis remedy can give you immeasurable relief from toothache. It has antibiotic properties which can slow down the effects of the bacteria. You can mix garlic with little bit black salt and directly apply it on the affected area of tooth to get rid of pain. You can also repeat this treatment for a few days.

Onionuse onion for toothaches

Because of their antibacterial properties, it has the power to control the pain of toothache. Onions helps to get relief from the pain of toothache by treating gums which can cause by infections. You can also chew raw onion to get relief of pain. Use a piece of onion and place it on the infected gum or infected area of tooth.

Warm salt water

use Warm salt water for toothachesA glass of water has the great ability to get rid of toothache. If you apply this on your affected area of tooth, the fluid will be extracted from the tissue and it can reduce swelling from the nerves. Take one glass of warm water and mix in it 1 tablespoon of salt and use this mixture for rinse your mouth.

Asafetidause Asafetida for toothaches

Asafetida is dried latex of ferula herb. It is used in cooking to enhance the taste of food. Besides enchasing taste, it is also good for digestion. Asafetida can effectively work to treat bleeding gums and pain. Asafetida is also used in tooth ache. It reduces the inflammation of teeth and pain. Mix a pinch of asafetida in warm lemon juice and apply this mixture with the help of cotton on the affected area of tooth.

Ice cubes

use Ice cubes for toothachesIce cube can froze the nerves and give you the relief from toothache. It also reduces the inflammation that comes from an abscess toothache. Use ice cube directly on the affected area of the tooth or the area of pain. The longer you manage to leave ice cube in your mouth the greater frozen effect you will get in your pain.


Toothache can be painful and quite harmful. It is said that “prevention is better than cure”. So try to use proper oral methods to prevent this type of problem. Use soft bristle tooth brush. However these home remedies can give you relief from toothache but if you want proper relief from toothache then you should consult your doctor because you always want to treat the toothache causes not just the pain you are feeling.

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